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Finding some family accomodation for an emergency trip

While ideally you’d book family accommodation for a trip months in advance sometimes you need to travel for unplanned reasons such as an illness or a funeral. In these cases, it can be more challenging to find accommodation that is suitable for the whole family. Here are some tips if you are finding it hard […]

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2 Excellent Hotel And Lodging Industry Ideas For A Wealthy Semi-Retirement

For many Australians nearing retirement age, there are often concerns about whether their superannuation or the government pension will be able to support them adequately in their old age. If you, like many other baby boomers, feel that you’ve been negatively impacted by the Global Financial Crisis, the rising cost of living, or poorly managed […]

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Benefits of yacht hire for seniors

As you age, it can be easy to avoid activities and hobbies that you enjoyed in previous years, out of fear of injury or even just underperformance. If you know the joy of sailing a yacht into the sunset, with nothing but the breeze and soft lapping waves to keep you company, you may find […]

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Will Drones One Day Be Common in Freight Transport?

There are some industries that are expected to drastically change in the coming years as robots become sophisticated enough to take on jobs that were once the exclusive domain of humans. Much has been written about whether robots, or advanced automation at the very least, will have much of an impact on freight transport. Will […]

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Get There As A Group In A Party Bus

If you have a special event to attend, why not all get there together? Instead of everyone taking a separate limo, combine your resources and get a party bus hire. What is a party bus you ask? It is quite arguably the most fun you can have in transport. Not your average bus, a party […]

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